Ordinary people. Shopkeepers, factory workers, housewives, bakers, farmers, teachers, auto mechanics. They worked in France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Scandinavia – wherever the Nazis were, they were there, fighting an underground war against Hitler. They led Jews to freedom, rescued Allied soldiers, printed newspapers, blew up bridges, risked their lives every day to do what they could to cripple the Third Reich. And they have stories to tell. Study Guide Available!

Running time : 75 minutes


Pippa highlights the tenacity and courage, as well as the suffering, of her extraordinary characters. Voices from the Resistance is a rich and enlightening experience that will resonate.

Amy Rauch, M.Ed.
Arts & Humanities Focus Program
Lincoln, NE

With minimal costumes and stage sets, this one person play artfully and suspensefully depicts the lives of five resistance fighters during World War II….a wonderful vehicle for teaching anyone about the Holocaust, World War II, and moral courage.

Gloria Kaslow,
Holocaust Educator, Omaha, Nebraska

With students, faculty, and community present, Pippa used her genius for language and dialect to take the audience on a dynamic journey filled with passion, determination, hope, and perserverance. The richness of the characters’ lives and their belief in an ideal proved to be an inspiration for all.

Susan Sutton
Cloud County Community College
Concordia, Kansas

The depth of your research, your dedication to accuracy and your wonderful talent of presentation bring history and live theatre together in a way that is entertaining, educational and above all, memorable. Seeing any of your programs is not merely a treat, it is a must!

Jack Timm, President
Sioux Falls Museum Alliance

“…………..riveting, heartbreaking and suspenseful. Literally wearing different hats to change characters, Ms. White tells stories in a nicely balanced rotation which adds tension to the already emotionally charged tales.”

Leslie Dileo
Hi! Drama
New York, N.Y.


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