From our immigrant pioneer grandmothers, to Rosie the Riveter, to factory workers, to newspaper reporters, to present-day women of the work force, this show looks at all the aspects of woman’s work.

Running time : flexible


It was a pleasure having Pippa at our ACTE conference. Our audience was talking about her for the rest of our three days in Atlanta. She has a perfect blend of humor and drama to touch everyone….I learned more from Pippa’s performance of Woman’s Work than I did in an entire college course on Women’s Studies.

Judy Whitaker, PhD
Career Counselor/CTE Coordinator
Salt Lake City, Utah

[Woman’s Work] not only entertained but also educated the audience regarding the role work has played in the American woman’s world. This perfect capstone to our conference received our highest ratings!

Heather Ropes
Cather Circle

…a perfect connection with the ‘Women Artists from the MONA Collection’ exhibition at the Museum of Nebraska Art. Women of past decades were portrayed with exceptional excellence and humanity, giving much insight into the lives of the artists spotlighted in the museum.

Susan J. Reiber
Director of Education
Museum of Nebraska Art
Kearney, Nebraska