Let’s not ask the question, “why oh why oh why?” Let’s just honor the heroes, the ones unafraid to try. The ones unafraid to race back in, the ones who answered the call. The ones who went up when others headed down; the ones who faced it all.

Running time : 60 minutes


Listening to Pippa’s 9/11 Tribute brought back unforgettable memories of the heroes who shone so bright on that dark day. Her beautifully written and performed stories are truly inspiring and uplifting examples of courage, sacrifice, and love.

Karen Acerson, President
Timpanogos Storytelling Festival

Our small group of six loved your story: Heroes of 9/11/2001. Your presentation was near flawless, and we, the audience, are better for having this witness. Thank you, thank you! You were great!

Michael Spears, audience member
Timpanogos Story Festival, 2021