The great reformers, who endured threats, harassment and ridicule to end child labor, to improve conditions for the poor and oppressed, and to further women’s rights.

Running time : 70 minutes


“Pippa White’s performance was entertainment wrapped in history, intertwined with inspiration. It inspires the audience to put their own personal passions into motion and do something to change and improve the inequities that still exist today.!” “I was captivated and didn’t want the performance to end. It never crossed my mind that she wasn’t any of these women.!” “While watching her transform into each unique character, I experienced a storm of emotions. Angels and Troublemakers is the magic of true stories that are brilliantly told and hard to ignore.!

Audience comments, Doane College
Lincoln, NE

Superb performance! Applicable even today.” “Very enlightening.” “Excellent presentation.

Participants’ Evaluations
New York State Nurses Assoc.
Latham, NY

The Nebraska Women in Higher Education invited Pippa White to perform Angels and Troublemakers for our spring meeting. We were delighted and inspired by Pippa’s depiction of the lives of women who helped to shape history in America and abroad. The audience was transfixed, and amazed at Pippa’s ability to take on a personality, an accent, a style and an outlook of each character. She has a unique style that captures an audience. We would highly recommend this performance to any group of people interested in examples of citizens as leaders.

Linda Wysong Becker
Vice President for Student Services
Union College
Lincoln, NE