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How many were there?
At least 200,000, but maybe as many as 500,000. Fending for themselves on the streets of New York, homeless children were given a chance for a new life in America’s heartland by riding the orphan train. Orphans who remember the experience come to life and share a heartrending and forgotten part of history.

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Running time : 75 minutes


Excellent performance. I would highly recommend this to other schools.

Randy Johnson, Principal
Colton-Pierrepont Central School
Colton, NY

’Pippa’s theatrical performance about the Orphan Train was as good as any play on Broadway.’….‘The play was an emotional journey; all I could think about was what these children endured.’….These commentaries and more were expressed by authentic orphan train riders, descendants, and the public at the 50th Reunion of Orphan Train Riders of New York celebration in Minnesota. Awe-inspiring gratitude and appreciation from the entire assembly was expressed at the end with a standing ovation.’

Orphan Train Riders of New York
Renee Wendinger, President

Pippa’s performance was one of the most inspiring and captivating performances I have ever seen! She has a unique talent that enables her to bring her audience back in time. After the performance, my students wanted more and were immediately researching more historical information without any persuasion from me.

Jim Knoepfel, Principal
Zion Lutheran School
Kearney, Nebraska

As one of the last children placed by the NY Children’s Aid Society in October 1930, I feel the account presented by Pippa is a very true and authentic history of the experiences which many of the children underwent. If tears are shed while listening to the stories, they are the same tears which were shed by many of the children.

Alice Bullis Ayler,
Orphan Train Rider

Pippa White’s account of the Orphan Train story is masterfully accomplished. She very sensitively communicates a significant historical phenomenon that affected the lives of thousands of children and American families over a period of decades. Her effective use of simple costuming and excellent characterizations provide a lively, entertaining means of sharing a poignant message.

David Goin, Superintendent
Edmond Public Schools
Edmond, Oklahoma