On Our Own Soil lets America’s citizens, both from the North and from the South, tell what it was like to live through our country’s greatest upheaval, our country’s greatest ordeal. Soldiers, nurses, children, generals, townsfolk all weigh in to share their stories and their experiences as war became a way of life for the nation for years. Whether in uniform or not, everyone was touched by war on our own soil. Hear their true stories.

Running time : 70 minutes

An interesting and captivating performance. It kept your attention throughout. Worth your time. I would watch this performance again.

Judy Gorden, Librarian
Dow City Public Library
Dow City, IA

Pippa’s presentation is the most authentic and moving Civil War production I have seen. She tells the story of the War from the point of view of the people whose lives were forever scarred by the conflict. This is history at its finest.

Peter Grady, Author/Actor
‘Unconditional Surrender: A Visit with Ulysses S. Grant’