The mystery, the history, and the power of language! Stories, music, historical characters — excellent for book fairs, literary festivals, libraries, and schools.

Running time : 55 minutes


The Extraordinary Ordinary! was anything but ordinary! It was EXTRAORDINARY! What might be considered by some as a dull subject, Pippa put an extraordinary spin to this topic and delightfully shared with our audience, through prose and song, the origin of words. Pippa was enchanting in her presentation and is a definite must to see.

Jerri J. Heid, Youth Services
Ames Public Library
Ames, IA

Pippa has created an extraordinary program out of ordinary words. Her stories and impersonations make the words come alive. The Extraordinary Ordinary! is like a good book: you want to go back to it because there are so many great parts that you want to revisit and remember….Gives you an understanding of the development of languages in the past, while giving you a greater awareness of the words spoken today.

Kathy Thomsen, Director
Lexington Public Library
Lexington, NE

Our entire school was enthralled by Pippa’s lively presentation, The Extraordinary Ordinary! History of words and language came to life as the students were both learning and having a wonderful time!

Linda Bamesberger, Media Specialist
Saratoga Elementary School
Lincoln, Nebraska