"Pippa’s performance of Women Who Changed the World was absolutely charming. Our employee resource group, Women in Leadership (WIL) had the great privilege of hosting Pippa as part of our celebration for Women’s History month. Our audience was awestruck with her unique story telling skills and her ability to engage you in a moment of history thru the characters she brings to life on the stage. Captivating, Entertaining, Enlightening, Educational, left you wanting more…..these are just a few of the comments made by those who attended Pippa's production. It was a pleasure and an honor to host such a gifted performer. "
– Brooke Riera,
Mutual of Omaha

On Our Own Soil: Stories From The Civil War

An interesting and captivating performance. It kept your attention throughout. Worth your time. I would watch this performance again.
Judy Gorden, Librarian

Dow City Public Library
Dow City, IA

from Performing Arts Centers, Festivals and Museums

Utterly charming……..White sings as if she is the author, invested in every word, communicating every feeling.”

Theatre Pizzazz Review, NYC

“This is more than a one-woman show; Pippa’s talent brings to life a full cast of characters, and they become people who matter to you.”

Patti Cotter, Performing Arts Programming
Iowa State Center

“Your performance here stands out as a high point in our festival history.”

Geraldine Yost
Kansas Storytelling Festival

“I must admit that when I was told your performance would last for 70 minutes, I was skeptical about whether or not our family audience would remain engaged. My concerns were quickly assuaged, however, as I observed even our youngest families’ enthusiastic response! In the two weeks since this event, I’ve received compliments from parents and volunteers for providing a program that was both entertaining and enriching. Thank you for a wonderful performance!”

Christine K. Minkler
Youth and Family Programs
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Kansas City, MO

from Conferences and Businesses

“It was such a pleasure having you perform for us in Boston. You were truly magnificent.”

Sara Neuner, Specialist, AONE Foundation
American Organization of Nurse Executives
Chicago, IL

“I was so happy to meet and to be present during your presentation! It was WONDERFUL! I saw some nurses with tears in their eyes! Thank you for ending our conference so poignantly!”

Cathy Novaresi, Admin. Manager/Conference Coordinator
Association of California Nurse Leaders
Sacramento, CA

“Pippa’s powerful performance set the stage for our conference in a way that a traditional Keynote address could never do.”

Holly A. De Groot, PhD., FAAN, RN
CEO, Catalyst Systems, LLC
Novato, CA

“Thank you for two most amazing performances that were simply captivating and delightful. The feedback and evaluations were outstanding. We will be forever grateful for your contributions to the success of our Nurse Educator Conference.”

Conventionality Excellence Unlimited
Shrewsbury, MA

“Our nursing recognition event in which Pippa White presented her performance Into Possession of Myself was wildly popular. ‘Mesmerizing, educational, inspirational’ were the words frequently used to describe the experience.

Barbara Trehearne
Group Health
Seattle, WA

“The success of the conference went way beyond anything I had imagined, and you were a big part of that success!”

Linda Olson Keller
International Public Health Nursing Conference
University of Minnesota
St. Paul, MN

from Young Audiences

“The performance was engaging and motivating. Sixth grade has talked about your presentation for days. Thank you so much!”

Holy Trinity Elementary School
Kansas City Young Audiences

“Pippa’s presentation was unbelievable! I looked around at the students and I have never seen them so engrossed in a presentation. They had wonderful questions and we even had to cut them off because of time. We couldn’t have been happier with Pippa.”

Cathy Hare, Admin. Assistant Pembroke Hill Lower School
Kansas City, MO
(Performance through Kansas City Young Audiences)

“The teachers at my school consider Pippa’s presentation one of the highlights of the school year and the students absolutely love her. They don’t realize how much they’re learning because they are being thoroughly entertained by the wonderful characters she brings to life. A student told me he thought Pippa was ‘really cool.’ He said, ‘She taught us how it really was to go through Ellis Island, because I didn’t really understand it very much before.”

Judy Eller, Social Studies Dept. Head
Russell Middle School
Omaha, NE

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