The roles women have played in war are many and varied. Hear the experiences from “saints, soldiers and spies”–proof that women in war have never been only on the sidelines…And they have stories to tell.

Running time : Flexible


Pippa White shares the magic of history with audiences young and old. Her well-researched performance Saints, Soldiers and Spies: Women and War was a perfect blend of sad and funny, excitement and empathy, showing the strength of women the world over.

Katherine Schlageck, Senior Educator
Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art
Kansas State University

Pippa White’s performance of Saints, Soldiers and Spies at the ITOW Veterans Museum…was spellbinding, and captivated every saint, soldier, and spy in attendance!

Lina Belar, Dir.
History Museum of East Otter Tail Cty.
Perham, MN

It’s usually difficult to keep our audience focused for more than 20 minutes for a presentation and, on rare occasions, 40 minutes brings roars of ‘that was too darn long!’ … but not for your presentation!! The only roaring that I heard were roars of ‘thank-you!’ and ‘that was fantastic!’ and ‘that was the best presentation we’ve had here in years.’

Chris Carter
Scottish Rite
Omaha, NE