"Pippa’s performance of Women Who Changed the World was absolutely charming. Our employee resource group, Women in Leadership (WIL) had the great privilege of hosting Pippa as part of our celebration for Women’s History month. Our audience was awestruck with her unique story telling skills and her ability to engage you in a moment of history thru the characters she brings to life on the stage. Captivating, Entertaining, Enlightening, Educational, left you wanting more…..these are just a few of the comments made by those who attended Pippa's production. It was a pleasure and an honor to host such a gifted performer. "
– Brooke Riera,
Mutual of Omaha


January 19

Mothers, Daughters, Wives, Women
Women’s Wellness Weekend
Ponca State Park
Ponca, NE
February 24-25 Voices from Ellis Island
Western Plains Arts Association
Sharon Springs, KS/St. Francis, KS
March 4-5 Voices from Ellis Island/The Story of the Orphan Train
Kansas City Young Audiences
Kansas City, MO
March 10 The Story of the Orphan Train
Oberlin Arts & Humanities
Gateway Performing Arts Center
Oberlin, KS
March 14 Celebrating Women’s History Month
Cotner Center
Lincoln, NE
March 18 Voices from Ellis Island
Anita Public Library
Anita, IA
March 18 (eve) Women Who Changed the World
Council Bluffs Public Library
Council Bluffs, IA
March 19 The Story of the Orphan Train
Fisher Whiting Memorial Library
Mapleton, IA
March 19 (eve) Voices from Ellis Island
Hawarden Public Library
Hawarden, IA
March 29-31 JO, Not Just Edward Hopper’s Wife
Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery
Lincoln, NE
April 6 Angels and Troublemakers
Museum of Danish America
Elk Horn, IA
April 25 The Story of the Orphan Train
Rose Blumkin Jewish Home Auditorium
Omaha, NE
April 28 Saints, Soldiers and Spies, Women and War
American Legion Memorial Building
Atlantic, IA
April 28 (eve) Voices from Ellis Island
Manning Public Library
Manning, IA
May 8 Mothers, Daughters, Wives, Women
The Landing
Lincoln, NE
May 10 The Story of the Orphan Train
Maxey Elementary School
Lincoln, NE
May 14 The Story of the Orphan Train
Omaha Country Club/Colonial Dames
Omaha, NE
June 4-6 Voices from Ellis Island
Mid-Continent Public Library
Kansas City, MO
June 30 The Story of the Orphan Train
Washington County Historical Association Venue: Historic Train Depot
Blair, NE
July 27 Featured Storyteller
Iowa Storytelling Festival
Clear Lake, IA
August 11 The Story of the Orphan Train
Dow City Public Library
Dow City, IA
August 30 The Story of the Orphan Train
Southeast Library System Retreat
Ashland, NE
September 5 Nebraska Arts Council Teaching Artist/Poetry Out Loud
Omaha Christian Academy
September 13 Women Who Changed the World
Emporia Public Library/Emporia Arts Center
Emporia, KS
September 14 Mothers, Daughters, Wives, Women
Salvation Army Women’s Retreat/Regency Marriott
Omaha, NE
September 27 An Evening of Storytelling
Clarkson College Alumni
Omaha, NE
October 3-6 Featured Storyteller
National Storytelling Festival
Jonesborough, TN
October 11 JO (Not Just Mrs. Edward Hopper)
United Solo Theatre Festival
New York, NY
October 19-20 Featured Storyteller
Yorklyn Storytelling Festival
Yorklyn, DE
November 1 Voices from Ellis Island
Burlington Public Library
Burlington, IA
November 5 The Extraordinary Ordinary
Norfolk Public Library
Norfolk, NE
November 13 Into Possession of Myself
Oklahoma Hospital Association
Oklahoma City, OK
December 3 Saints, Soldiers and Spies, Women and War
Shelby County Historical Society
Harlan, IA
December 6 The Story of the Orphan Train
Hasting’s Public Library
Hastings, NE