The Gateway to America, the front door to freedom, the Island of Tears. From 1890 to 1930, Ellis Island was the first experience of life in America for millions of immigrants. Their stories are amusing, frightening, inspiring, and true.

Running time : 70 minutes


Pippa has the incredible ability to transfer an entire audience to another place, another time, and hold them transfixed for the entire show.

Joan Gibson
American Trust and Savings
Dubuque, Iowa

I have a fifth grader who saw Voices from Ellis Island and he talked to me about it for almost two hours last night!

Bob Fenske
New Hampton Tribune Editor
New Hampton, IA

Both your presentation and your material is inspiring.

Shari Hofschire, Director
UNO Center for Innovation in Arts Educ.
University of Nebraska at Omaha

Pippa was extraordinary. Students were utterly amazed at her ability to portray so many different characters’ roles and accents. One student said, ‘If Rifka didn’t make it into the U.S. I would have cried’.

Patty Gillespie, reading specialist
Thomas Jefferson High School
Council Bluffs, Iowa

All the teachers loved your show. The history teacher said they were just studying Ellis Island and it was a perfect fit. My neighboring teacher said she cried during the show.

Clark Kolterman
Seward High School
Seward, NE

Pippa has performed twice for Cather Circle and has received rave reviews both times. Her acting is superb and the stories she tells are carefully researched and poignantly effective. She brings to life subjects about which many of us have never pondered. We will definitely call on her again!

Shelley Zaborowski
Associate Director of Programs
Nebraska Alumni Association