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Pippa captured the facts and the spirit of the teaching profession with a word, a look, a simple change of hat or scarf. Her one-woman show prompted laughter and tears as well as a real appreciation for the important work teachers do. We couldn’t have had a better salute to our 100 year anniversary.

Marjorie Kostelnik
College of Education and Human Sciences
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

When Pippa shared her Tribute to Teachers with a room full of teachers at the national convention of our education organization, she enraptured us all. Her characters were real and oh, so alive. For one who is not a formal educator, she was ‘right on’ with her performance, touching the beliefs and experiences of everyone in the room. As one of the coordinators of the event, it was very gratifying to hear so many compliments about her from convention attendees.

Diane Cox
School Librarian
Omaha, NE