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"..............riveting, heartbreaking and suspenseful. Literally wearing different hats to change characters, Ms. White tells stories in a nicely balanced rotation which adds tension to the already emotionally charged tales."

Leslie Dileo
Hi! Drama
New York, N.Y.

Pippa White's One's Company Productions have taken her to over 30 states and many different venues (performing arts centers, conferences, festivals, schools) because her performances appeal to a wide range of audiences. Whether young or old, those audiences connect with the immigrant stories in Voices from Ellis Island, the children's stories in The Story of the Orphan Train, the pioneer stories in Far As The Eye Can See, and the war stories in Voices from the Resistance, Civil War Women and Saints, Soldiers and Spies. Stories of great reformers are featured in Angels and Troublemakers, Women Who Changed the World, and Marching Out of the Sweatshop. Pippa's work is perfect for museums, historical societies, and especially Women's History Month. She has done hundreds of school shows because these performance pieces fit right into the curriculum. She offers residencies and workshops, and even has a delightful little musical ("I Can't Give You Anything But Songs") that garnered enthusiastic reviews in 2013 at the United Solo Theatre Festival in New York City.

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"...a history lesson that lasted more than 70 minutes. When it was over, the applause went on and on."

Steve Wedel
The Daily Oklahoman

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One's Company (402) 477-6914
"April 15, 1912-Memories of the Titanic - Pippa White - One's Company"
"We've heard of the Titanic and the Orphan Train before, but never the way you told it. You bring history to life and suddenly we were there! Your stories were wonderful, and your presentation was so interesting and unique."
Mary Lovell Paris, KY Storytelling Festival Thank you! Pippa